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What TSOC's Customers Have to Say

"You guys are AWESOME!!!"

Cam N.
Lethbridge, AB.

"Thank you!! We received it this morning! That one part was holding up a ton of our work so we are happily getting through our backlog. You guys are great! 

Joanna H.
Toronto, ON.


"In a world of delays, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear [that your Production Department will be releasing our order early]"

Cristal H.
Calgary, AB.

"As per conversation, I would just like to say how much I appreciate the great customer service your team provides."

Dan M.
Woodstock, ON.

"Wow like your website! it’s easy to find what I am looking for."

Sandra L.
Montreal, QC.


"Thank you for your prompt reply, great customer service!"

Diane B.
Listowel, ON.


"Congrats on the great work by your customer service team especially during a time when things don’t go as planned! The quick turn-around time on quotes including product images has helped me win jobs!! #StrongerTogether"

Theresa A.
Guelph, ON.


"This is my 3rd order with your company. I will continue to use it to order for the following reasons: 

1. Website: The website is well organized, and easy to search.

2. I appreciate the quick response times in receiving invoices and tracking information.

3. You have 90% of the equipment or products that we require."

Richard R.
Calgary, AB.


"Great Quoting System!"

Rick H.
Calgary, AB.


"Wow, just sent an email 10 minutes ago regarding tracking info and got a call back promptly.

Thank you so much to the TSOC team for the great customer service!"

March P.
Burnaby, BC.


"I received your telephone message.... I am very happy to learn that we are again going to place orders at TSOC. I always appreciated the service which I received from you."

Alain B.
Quebec City, QC.

I am fully immersed in order processes at our company so I know there was a team of people involved to make this a successful outcome for our customer. Please thank your team for going out of their way, on a Friday afternoon, to help us out.”

Bill L. 
Calgary, AB.


I have used almost all manufacturers rapidjack tools and the TSOC tool and jacks are the most consistent for termination quality and ease of use"

Dave C.
Cobourg, ON.


"TSOC are a friendly helpful supplier that I count on. They provide great service & support. That allows me to better serve my customers. Thanks!"

Wade C.
Truro, NS.


"Just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for the outstanding service…TSOC went out of the way to fill some crucial last minute orders for us yesterday!"

Patricia L.
Ottawa, ON.


"TSOC has always come through for my organization whenever we needed to purchase any equipment….very professional and courteous.”

Bruce M.
Mississauga, ON.


"Thank you so much for all the help in getting this issue rectified."

Colleen U.
Kelowna, BC.

"I appreciate how you go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and promptly respond whenever my company needs anything…. when I talk TSOC with any of the customers they all agree it really is great working with you!"

Allen J.
Mississauga, ON.


Hey just wanted to comment on the ease of Navigating your Website as it was easy to find what I was looking for...Also appreciate the Great customer Service...Thank you

Donnie H.
Bathurst, NB.


"AWESOME! Thanks very much to all of you.  We sincerely appreciate your donation. Everything helps for sure."

Kathy G.
Hanover, ON.


"The transition to the TSOC line of products was seamless and the support was outstanding. Cannot thank you enough for the support and quality of products."

Bruce A.
Halifax, NS


"Thanks everyone for the speedy responses!"

Pauline S.
Jasper Park Lodge, AB.


"I wanted to send you a quick thank you to your team….every time I contact customer service, they always have an answer for me….we certainly look forward to expanding our business with TSOC."

Paul H.
Markham, ON 


"Awesome, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!"

Claire R.
Edmonton,  AB.


"Well thank you very much!  Awesome response time!!"

Kyle A.
Calgary,  AB.


"TSOC customer service is absolutely outstanding. Professional service, patience and kindness of everyone I talk to, fast replies, and quality of the quotes provided….it’s refreshing to do business with TSOC."

Patrick G.
Montreal, QC.


“We appreciate the service level we receive from both the inside and outside staff as well as the attention to detail from order entry….we look forward to many more years of positive growth in this relationship.”

Ron L.
Brantford, ON.




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