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Are TSOC products industry compliant?

Yes, all TSOC products are manufactured to industry performance and safety standards.


Are TSOC products specified or recommended for installation?

Yes, TSOC products are approved for installation by Consultants Engineers, Designers, Telephone Service Providers, Cable TV Operators, Data Centres, IT Departments, Network Cabling Installers, Electrical Contractors and End Users.


Where are TSOC products installed?

TSOC products are installed by professionals to provide the infrastructure cabling and connectivity to support Voice, Data, Video and Security networks in Commercial and Residential buildings.


Are TSOC products compatible with other brands of connectivity?

Yes, TSOC products can be installed in conjunction with other industry compliant standard products.


Does TSOC offer custom cable assemblies?

Yes, TSOC has an in-house cable assembly lab with the capability to produce any configuration of copper or fiber cable assembly.


Are TSOC custom cable assemblies tested?

Yes, every TSOC custom cable is assembled, terminated, tested, packaged and labelled for quality control.


Where are TSOC products available?

TSOC products are supported by Global, National and Regional distribution channels. Contact us to connect with a local partner in your community.


TSOC Cable Caddy Reel with 250 ft. Outdoor CAT 6 Wire

Written by
 TSOC Admin
Friday, September 01, 2023

TSOC 8P8C EZ RJ45 Solid CAT 6A Sheilded Industrial Field Termination Mod Plug

Written by
 TSOC Admin
Tuesday, August 01, 2023

TSOC 19" Rack Mountable 100 Pair Distribution Patch Panel

Written by
 TSOC Admin
Wednesday, July 05, 2023


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